To get to know about Ethical Hacking, first, let's get ourselves acquainted with these terms.

As you already know that ethical means legal or anything of that sorts, let's head towards hacking and hacker.

As we have discussed hacking earlier, let's see the types of hackers.

Types of Hackers

  1. White Hat Hackers:

         These guys are the heroes in the world of hacking. They are often people with a degree in Computer Sciences or Information Technology with a certification in Ethical Hacking. They fix the vulnerabilities and try to prevent the attack from taking place. The most widely accepted certification is Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH) from EC Council.

2. Black Hat Hackers:

These are the people who target the vulnerabilities in the network and use it to enter the network and steal information or money. These people also work for some terrorist organizations and perform illicit activities. These are the villains in the world of hacking.

3. Red Hat Hackers:

These are the Black Hat Hackers who are dressed in the disguise of White Hat Hackers. Red Hat Hackers instead of reporting a malicious attack on a Black Hat Hacker, they use the attack to shut him down.

4. Gray Hat Hackers:

These are the people who are neither white nor black but an intermediate stage between them. These people neither steal money nor information. Also, they do not help with the good.

Ethical Hacking is also referred to as Penetration Testing.

Penetration Testing:

It is a process of testing a system for vulnerabilities and fixing them to prevent any damage in the near future.

The Penetration Testers use few tools for conducting the testing. Some of the most widely used tools are listed below.

  1. Metasploit
  2. Wireshark
  3. Nmap

The above-mentioned tools display the vulnerabilities in the system.

The above tools are not only used by ethical hackers but also by every hacker.

All the above-mentioned tools are open-source and free to use.

Prerequisites for Ethical Hacking:

You can start learning ethical hacking right away but it is not advisable if you want to become a professional Ethical Hacker.

Complete understanding of at least one programming language is required preferably Python.

How to learn Ethical Hacking?

If you are a Computer Science student, I think you will be at least at an intermediate level in learning Python. Start attending Hackathons, this is the best way to improve your knowledge and also build a good circle. It will also give you an idea regarding your standards in this practical world.

If you want to get the basic idea of ethical hacking and the tools used, attend workshops. You will find many workshops, try finding out which is good, and attend it.

Try applying what you have learned in the workshop on your own.

Now, when you think you are good enough in the basics, start the course at EC Council itself. They provide good detail and provide proper training. The certification is widely accepted. So, I prefer the course from EC Council.

I would prefer you to do proper research on the website and choose your course.


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