Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, the name itself suggests the meaning. This topic has brought in many controversies among the audience.

This term is sometimes replaced with machine intelligence meaning intelligence demonstrated by the machines.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

The main advantage is that all the boring and time taking processes can be completed in very less time and with good efficiency.

The error rate also would be quite low if the programming is done properly.

The accuracy and precision rate would be quite high.

They will be able to do dangerous tasks that are proven risky for humans.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

According to Forbes, there are seven types of artificial intelligence as shown below

  1. Reactive machines: These are the machines that are one of the oldest in terms of their age and capabilities. They do not have the ability to learn from past actions. They respond to certain stimuli that are preprogrammed. One example is IBM's Deep Blue.
  2. Limited Memory: These are the machines that have the ability to learn from past actions. Most of the present day applications are based on these machines. An example of this category is the virtual assistant.
  3. Theory of Mind: These are those machines that are still in the innovation stage. These understand human needs by interacting with their emotions and beliefs.
  4. Self-Aware: These are the machines that exist hypothetically as of now. These are the type of machines which worry the entire World. This is because they have emotions, beliefs and may get a thought of self-preservation once they are fully functional.
  5. Artificial Narrow Intelligence(ANI): These machines represent all the existing AI. These are the machines which can perform tasks only that are programmed. Even the most complex deep learning artificial intelligence falls under this area.
  6. Artificial General Intelligence(AGI): These are the machines that have the ability to learn, understand and function completely like a human being. This will make AI as capable as human beings.
  7. Artificial Super Intelligence(AGI): These are the machines that when invented would be the most superior life forms on the Earth. These have capabilities greater than humans. The World cannot be imagined with this type of life-forms.

Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Major con would be the idea of the destruction of the entire World.

Another one would be the loss of jobs or unemployment.

They have restricted capabilities as of now.

They are expensive to implement.

Prerequisites to learn AI:

You have to learn Python, Linear Algebra, Probability and Calculus in order to learn Artificial Intelligence.


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