Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, commonly known as AWS is a secure Cloud platform. It provides the services related to database storage, content delivery and other services that offer the help to grow and build a business.

They offer solutions in serverless computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, enterprise applications and many more.

Why AWS?

AWS provides with good security at lower costs.

We can select the operating system, platform, programming language and other things as per our comfort.

It is highly reliable.

The costs of AWS are low compared to the features provided.

It is easy to use when compared to other services.

Disadvantages of AWS

AWS is a cloud computing platform. Therefore, it has possibilities of downtime. It is mostly dependent on a good internet connection. There is also a risk of technology limitations.

However, the advantages of cloud computing often outweigh the disadvantages due to the costs incurred and many other advantages.

AWS Training

We can gain huge knowledge through Amazon Web Services. If you are eager to learn, they provide you with digital courses in short term. They offer good courses in Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi and many more. If you are interested in learning these courses, you can do it from here.


They also offer certification courses as per your role. You can check out all the available certifications here.

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